How to Stretch Faux Leather Boots – 7# Unique Solutions You Can Use

You have finally scored the boots of your dreams – however, they are still too tight for your liking. But life is too short to wear uncomfortable boots, and this is why this guide should solve your problems.

We look at all the helpful ways you can use to stretch faux leather boots.

There are various ways to stretch leather boots and products. Plus, we also go over an additional topic on softening leather boots so you have a guarantee of being fully comfortable.

Ready to get started, let us begin:

The ABCs of How to Stretch Faux Leather Boots

Before you can dive right into the best method to stretch fake leather boots so they become more comfortable, you have to be aware of a few things. For instance, boot stretching can help save you a lot of cash, and various other benefits including:

  • You don’t have to rush back to the shops to purchase a new pair of boots when you first come across discomfort issues.
  • You can still fix the size of your boot using household items or DIY products.
  • Adjusting the size of your shoe is a healthy suggestion for your needs. Ill-fitting boots can lead to cramps, blisters, and lead to muscle strain complications.
How to Stretch Faux Leather Boots -
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Technique # 1: Using the Freezing Method

The freezing method ranks high up among the best ways to for how to break in faux leather boots.

Items Required

WaterYou will put this in the ziplock bag.N/A
Ziplock bagsYou will place them inside the faux leather boots.Ziploc Gallon Food Storage Bags
Leather ConditionerTo help soften the boots after the stretching process.Leather Honey Leather Conditioner


  1. Open the zip lock bags, and insert one inside the remaining bag. Use a second bag for this process to provide added safety.
  2. Then, place the bottom section of the zip locks on the bottom section of your shoe. With your hand, place the bags into all the spaces that exist in the boots.
  3. After that, fill the interior section of the ziplock with some water. Do, this until the ziplock fills up the interior section of the boots. Then cover the bag carefully, and seal the outer section.
  4. The next step is to place the boots in a freezer and let them sit until the water inside the bag freezes. As the water freezes, expect your boots to expand by over 9%.
  5. The next step is to remove the shoes from the freezer and let the ice thaw slightly. You only have to ensure it thaws enough so you can remove the bagged ice block conveniently.
  6. After removing the ice, the boots should be well stretched and suitable for wearing.

Technique #2: Peeling a Potato to Stretch Non-Leather Shoes

The other reliable technique you can use to restore your leather boots would be to use peeled potatoes. You will place them in the toe box area ( where your toes sit in the brogues.) The items and steps involved in this process include:


ItemPurpose Links 
PotatoesThe potatoes will stretch over night and are perfect for how to stretch faux leather boots.N/A
TissuesFor cleaning the structure of your boot and the potatoes.N/A


  1. Once you peel the potatoes, wipe them clean and place them in the interior sections of your boots. Then, let them sit inside overnight.
  2. Check back on the footwear after 24 hours, and you will notice the shoes have stretched out significantly.
  3. If you feel the shoes have not stretched out to your liking, repeat this process or try out the next step.

Technique #3: Using Wet Newspaper to Stretch Faux Leather Shoes

Using newspaper to stretch faux leather shoes is convenient and effective. However, avoid making the balls too small. Below are the steps for how to stretch faux leather boots using newspaper balls:

Items Required

ItemPurpose Links 
NewspaperFor stuffing the insides of your boot.N/A
ContainerTo place the water for the preparing the newspaper balls for stretching the boots.N/A
WaterFor getting the newspapers wet.N/A


  1. Prepare the newspaper balls, and wet them after removing the excess water inside the footwear.
  2. Then, let the shoes dry in a room, or balcony such that balls dry out completely.
  3. Once the newspaper dries effectively, it tends to expand. It’s a process that will enlarge the shoe material, and this will have to accommodate their new size.
  4. Such a process causes the leather shoes to stretch, thus giving you additional space for the ideal footwear fit.

Technique #5: Thick Socks

Any savvy boot leather boot lover will attest to the effectiveness of this approach for stretching boots. It’s one of the best ways for how to stretch synthetic boots wider. Below is a concise guide to help you perform this process:

Items Required

ItemPurpose Links 
Thick pair of socksTo help stretch out the inside of the shoes and accustom your foot to the shoe structure..Hanes Mens Over The Calf Tube Socks
HairdryerTo help treat and expand the material.Revlon 1875 Watts Hair Dryer
Rubbing alcoholTo soften the leather material.Isopropyl Alcohol
Small spray bottleFor the application of the rubbing alcohol.N/A


  1. Wear your thick pair of socks. If you dont have thick socks, wear at least two pairs to help improve their overall density.
  2. Then place your feet in the shoes. If you are using layers of socks, it’s probably going to be difficult to get your shoes in the footwear.
  3. Then, get some rubbing alcohol, and it applies to the structure of your footwear.
  4. Next, get your hairdryer. However, be careful when using or might end up damaging the structure of your footwear.
  5. Ensure you keep a safe distance between you and the hairdryer. Then, connect it to the power socket, and start using it to blow your faux leather boots.
  6. Then, let the shoes bask in warm temperatures for about 5 minutes.
  7. Depending on the expansion level of the shoes, you may have to repeat this process.
  8. If you dont feel any noticeable change in size, repeat this process a couple of times to ensure the best results.

Technique #6: Use Shoe Stretching Sprays for Faux Leather Boots

Shoe stretching sprays might seem like a contemporary fad, but they are highly effective at cleaning boots. The items and steps required for cleaning your leather boots include:

Items Required

ItemPurpose Links 
Shoe stretching sprayFor applying on the leather shoe material.Foot Matters Boot and Shoe Stretch Spray.
Shoe stretcherFor stretching the insides of the shoe.eachWay Shoe Stretcher.


  1. Clean your boots first and let them dry.
  2. Once your boots are clean, insert the shoe stretcher inside your shoes.
  3. Then, apply the shoe spray on the shoe structure, and it’s material.
  4. Then, let your boots sit overnight.
  5. Check back the next day, and determine whether your shoes have expanded to the expected level.

PRO TIP – If you are looking for a DIY solution in this category, realize that it’s possible to prepare a homemade shoe stretch spray.

How to Make Homemade Boot Stretching Sprays

It’s easy to prepare homemade boot stretching sprays. You just have to mix equal parts of rubbing alcohol and water. Then, add the solution to a bottle that has a spray mechanism. Apply the solution to the interior section of your footwear, and then put a boot stretcher inside. Let them sit overnight, and repeat the process until you get the desired results.

Technique #7. Use a Boot Calf Stretcher

If your questions relate to how to stretch faux leather boots around the calf, this method is the best solution for your needs. A boot calf stretcher is just a variation of the traditional boot stretcher. It’s ideal for use on tall boots, which you often find tight around the calves.

Many people find the boot calf stretcher for how to stretch out thigh-high non-leather boots.

Furthermore, you can use it on different types of boots including zip ups or even hiking boots. Some brands even make stretchers which you can wear to target the instep of your foot.

Items Required

ItemPurpose Links 
Boot calf stretcherPlace this inside the boot to help with stretching applications.Footfitter Cast Aluminium Stretcher
Leather conditionerUse it on the structure of the boot to help moisturize and deodorize the leather material.Leather Honey Conditioner


  1. Clean your leather boots, and then place the boot stretcher inside.
  2. Let the footwear sit with the stretcher inside overnight.
  3. Apply some leather conditioner on the outer material, and try on the boots the next morning.

Parts of Your Shoes That can be Stretched

You have many options when it comes to how to stretch out non-leather boots. Below are some of the major shoe components that you can stretch.

1. The Front of Your Shoe

One of the common shoe issues is when footwear is too long but has a relatively tight width level. Such shoe size issues can lead to complications like blisters and compromised skin. However, you can solve the problem by the front upper or target the front line area.

Furthermore, you should realize the footwear such as leather or plastic footwear is the easiest to stretch. However, other materials such as faux leather are challenging to stretch, and you will have to try out different techniques.

However, remember….

While you customize the width of your footwear, stretching the length is next to impossible due to the outsole structure. That said, customizing the width of your footwear will you give optimal comfort and space to move around.

2. The Shaft of Your Boot

Not many people realize they can easily customize the width of their boots conveniently. It’s a helpful process such as when you have huge calves, and your footwear is small. There are two ways you can use to stretch this section of your boots:

How to Stretch Faux Leather Boots -
Source: Macys

A. Use a Boot Tree

If your boots are plain (without zips or horizontal stretches), you can use a boot tree which helps with reshaping applications.

Recommended Product  – Stratton Cedar Shoe Tree

B. Use a Boot Calf Extender

If boot trees are not suitable, consider placing the shoes on an extender. It’s a tool that you place on the shaft. If the boot has a zipper, consider placing the extender on each section of the boot.

However, remember this process is not suitable for all types of leather boots, and you have to be cautious.

Recommended Product – FootFitter Cast Aluminum Combination Boot


  • How Much Does it Cost to Stretch Faux Leather Shoes?

The cost of stretching faux leather shoes depends on various factors. However, expect to spend between $20 to $45 on this process. Plus, expect this process to take up to two or four days to ensure the best results.

  • How Long Does it Take to Stretch Shoes Using a Shoe Stretcher?

The time it takes to stretch your shoes using a shoe stretcher depends on the type of faux leather brogues that you have. However, expect the best results after upto 5 days. You might have to use this approach with a faux leather stretching spray.

  • Can You Stretch Shoes a Size Bigger?

No, it’s not possible to stretch your shoe size a bigger. You can only stretch to up to half a size bigger and expands its average width size. Trying to force your shoe to stretch pasts its normal size can lead to long-term damage.  Using this approach can be helpful for anyone who wants to stretch non-leather football boots as well.

  • How Do You Stretch the Calf of Faux Leather Boots?

The best way to stretch the calf of faux leather boot would be to use a thick pair of socks and blast the area with a hairdryer. Doing this should help make the material settle, and be suitable for your stretching foot.

  • Can You Use Leather Conditioner on Faux Leather Boots?

No, you cannot use a leather conditioner on faux leather boots. That is because the faux leather does not absorb leather conditioner, which means it’s not suitable for faux leather stretching applications. Stretching your shoe so that it fits will stop you from suffering from the common foot conditions like blisters.

  • What is the Best Way for How to Soften Faux Leather Boots?

There are various convenient techniques that you can use to soften faux leather boots. Softening the leather boot structure will be crucial if you want to stretch their structures to suit your needs. We recommend that you use technique number for five on this list because it’s perfect for such footwear.

You have many options when it comes to stretching your faux leather boots. Before performing this process, ensure you have insight into all the common and applicable techniques you can use. Once you are well equipped, you can stretch the shoe without causing any long-term damage to the material.

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