What to Wear With Light Blue Jeans Mens: Fashion 101 for Boys

I bet you 100 dollars that you own a pair of light blue jeans. In fact, every man does. What is so special about light blue jeans? Well, they go with everything, and you can pull off every fashion possible with these pairs.

But what to wear with light blue jeans mens, and how can you make yourself look more presentable? 

Put on a plain white or black T-shirt with your light blue jeans and try out black & white sneakers. Want something else? Throw a bomber jacket on the white tee or a black leather jacket on the black T-shirt and see how it goes.

There are hundreds of different ways to wear light blue jeans. The best thing is that you will take less than a minute to get into an outfit. Explore the world of light blue jeans and styles in the following article. 

What To Wear With Light Blue Jeans Mens?

What To Wear With Light Blue Jeans Mens

I am sure you do not want to overdress like most people with light blue jeans. They get a formal blazer on these light jeans, which is just not right. Instead, light blue jeans are more of going casual and following the vibe.

Let’s see the options to wear with light blue jeans for men.

What To Wear With Light Blue Jeans Mens?
Striped Full Sleeve Round-Neck/ V-Neck Tee/ Light Black/ Grayish Sneaker
Black Leather Jacket/Soft Brown Cashmere/Brown Suede Shoes
Crew Neck Jumper Tee/ Cardigans/Suede Shoes/ Desert Boots
White Crew Neck/ V-Neck/ Turtleneck Plain/Patterned Knitted Jumper/Casual White/Brown Shoes
White T-Shirt/Jean Jacket/White Sneaker
White Tees/Canvas/ Sneakers
Khaki/Olive Hoodie/Light Brown Shoe
White Tee/Bomber Jacket/Sneakers
Black Tee/Black Sneakers
Cut/ Ripped Jeans/White T-shirt/Camo Jacket/White/Gray Sneakers
Cuban Collar Shirt/White Sneaker
White Tee/Black Leather Jacket/Black Boots
White Jumper/Brown Pea Coat/Brown Boots
Black Turtleneck/Brown Blazer/Brown Belt/Brown Suede
  1. Simple Striped Full Sleeve Round-Neck/ V-Neck Tee With Light Black/Grayish Sneaker/Canvas

Striped tees always feel light and homely. Wearing it on top of light blue jeans does not overdo your style. Stripes on the horizontal portion make your shoulder look broader and more masculine. The shoes here are to add sportiness to your outfit.

  1. Black Leather Jacket on Soft Brown Cashmere With Brown Suede Shoes/Boots

The softness of the light brown cashmere and the boots seem to have a soul-to-soul connection with the light blue jeans. You can not just look out of style with this outfit. Wearing a black leather jacket with furry collar grounds the light brown and makes you more visible and presentable.

  1. Crew Neck Jumper Tee/ Cardigans With Suede Shoes/ Desert Boots

A crew neck jumper t-shirt on the top of your light blue jeans offers you a polished look. The light cardigan or jumper t-shirts are one of those timeless pieces of clothing every man should have in his wardrobe.

Furthermore, you can try out versatile looks with one single jumper. Wear it solo or over a shirt, and voila. You are all set to go out and rock your day.

Do you think crew neck jumpers with light jeans are too mainstream? Then, put your Suede shoes on and see how the look changes.

This pair goes hand in hand with light blue jeans and warm weather. It is even better if the shoes are brown or light brown, which will stand out in your total style.

  1. White Crew Neck/ V-Neck/ Turtleneck Plain/Patterned Knitted Jumper With Casual White/Brown Shoes

A white jumper, light blue jeans, and casual white shoes present a relaxed outfit. Men choose this outfit for casual meetings, classes, and even high-end parties.

Your look will change in a minute by putting on the same white with a different neck pattern. Again, you can try out the same look with a white or gray patterned jumper. Wearing white or brown casual shoes will balance your style.

  1. White T-Shirt With Jean Jacket And White Sneaker 

Trust me. Getting into the double jean look will make you look more masculine and edgy. The white tee under the jacket and the bottom white sneaker match your vibe. 

Hey! Do not pick up any blue jackets from the mall. Instead, search for the ones with flair and furry collars. Also, get a few accessories like black shades and a metal chain pendant to balance your look. 

  1. White Tees With Canvas/ Sneakers

Some people believe black shoes are a no with light blue jeans. Well, I prefer to disagree. In fact, I believe you will look on point if you can make the combination right.

Take a plain white tee, oversized, fit, or the regular, and try it out with a black sneaker dangling white laces. What do you think?

You can swap the plain tee with any white t-shirt with black prints, and this style will work. Gray or faded sneaker canvas also suits this outfit.

  1. Khaki/Olive Hoodie With Light Brown Sports Shoe/Boots/Sneakers

I know a hoodie is the most casual and go-to outfit for most men. But it never fails to pull off the sporty and energetic vibe.

Get a khaki or olive hoodie and pair it with your ripped light blue jeans. I bet you are already radiating your charming personality with this style. Get a light brown shoe to balance the look, and wear a shade for a boost.

  1. White Tee with Bomber Jacket And Matching Sneakers

You should not miss any opportunity to look sporty and athletic with a bomber jacket.

Get a white T-shirt, wear a bomber jacket of any color (I prefer blue), and match your sneakers accordingly. For example, if your jacket is blue, the sneakers should be the same shade with white bits contemplating the white tee.

  1. Black Tee With Black Sneakers

Men love black. Give them a black tee, and they will wear it in hundreds of different styles without looking boring or dull.

Admit it. Wearing black does make men look masculine, hot, and polished. Pairing up a black tee, plain/ simple design with a black sneaker is a deadly combo for traveling, partying, or even casual meetups.

  1. Cut/ Ripped Light Blue Jeans With White T-shirt With Camo Jacket Pairing Up WIth White/Gray Sneakers

If you aim for an edgy and swaggy look, pair your plain white tee with a camo jacket. Trying out accessories like metal pendant chains and metal rings on fingers will sharpen the style. Besides, wearing white or light gray sneakers complements and relaxes the look.

  1. Cuban Collar Shirt With White Sneaker

A Cuban shirt is one of the versatile, timeless pieces you can own in the closet. Pairing it with light blue jeans will give you an old-school vibe. Put on chunky white sneakers to polish your look. The only white color works here as it does not overshadow the shirt or jeans and makes everyone focus on the overall outfit.

  1. White Tee With Black Leather Jacket And Black Boots

It is time to behold the traditional and vintage style of our 80s Hollywood celebs. Pair up a white tee and light blue jeans with a black leather jacket. Again, a black boot will make you look sophisticated and, of course, edgy. 

  1. White Jumper With Brown Pea Coat And Brown Boots

Putting on a brown pea coat over your white sleeve jumper gives you a classy and artistic look. The brown boot is here to add more richness to your outfit. Wearing a grey beanie and metal accessories will enhance the aesthetic of your style.

  1. Black Turtleneck, Brown Blazer, Brown Belt, And Brown Suede

Turtlenecks are always classic. You look even better when pairing it with a blazer and light blue denim. The brown belt, suede, and blazer are indeed the attraction points. Light denim and black turtlenecks work as support here from the background.  

What Color Shirt Goes With Light Blue Jeans?

You can wear any color shirt with light blue jeans. I prefer light blue denim, black, maroon, pink, or check flannel shirts to pair with these pairs of jeans. However, in any case, consider wearing shoes that match your overall outfit.

Here are some suggestions, 

  • Plain/Check Flannel Shirt With White Tee Inside And Black Sneaker With White Laces 
  • Black Shirt, Rolled Sleeve Pairing A White Sneaker
  • Colorful Hawaii Fit Shirt With White Sneaker/Converse 
  • White Shirt, Band Collar, Rolled Sleeve, Tucked In, Brown Belt With Brown Loafer
  • White Shirt With White Sneakers
  • Light Blue Shirt, White Tee Inside, And White Sneaker 
  • Dark Blue Shirt, Ripped Light Blue Jeans With Dark Blue Converse 
  • Check/Patterned Cotton Shirt, White Tee Inside With White/BlackGray Sneakers
  • Olive Shirt, White Tee Inside, And Olive Boots

What Color Shirt Goes With Blue Jeans For Mens?

Peek into a man’s wardrobe, and I bet there are dark blue jeans. The blue jeans go with literally everything, and you can pull off any outfit for almost any occasion with these jeans. Thus, these pairs have become the most convenient piece of clothing for men.

Pairing the blue jeans with the wrong shoes can overshadow your style. Catch the few go-to outfits of mine with dark blue jeans,

  • Dark Gray Shirt With Gray Suede
  • Striped Shirt With Brown Suede
  • Stripe Button Down Shirt, Ripped Dark Blue Denim, With White Sneakers
  • Plain/Check Flannel Shirt With White Sneakers
  • White Shirt, Black Belt, With Gray Sneakers
  • Button-Down White Shirt Inside A Gray Blazer Pairing With Black & White Sneakers
  • Formal White Shirt With Dark Blazer And Brown Suede 
  • Dotted Navy Blue Shirt, Ripped Dark Blue Jeans, And Brown Sneakers/Converse

What Goes Well With Light Blue Jeans Mens?

What Goes Well With Light Blue Jeans Mens

When you put on light blue denim, there are a thousand ways you can dress up yourself. You can go classy, vintage, retro, edgy, casual, and whatnot. Let me break down each option in front of you in brief.

Select The Top: As you know, you can try out different looks with light blue jeans. Some matches are, fitted solid color shirts, tucked-in button-down shirts, shirt collar peeks out from a jumper, jumper, sweatshirt, hoodie, tee shirt combo with a peacoat, tee combo with jacket, flannel shirt, etc.

Select The Color: The biggest advantage of light blue is it goes with almost any color. Yet, my preference is black, white, grey, light brown, light blue, pastel, olive, maroon, etc. you can create a spark and add a layer of richness to the outfit by choosing the right shade. Going with different color will not harm you as long as it flirts with the eyes and gives you a savvy look.

Select The Shoes: Choosing the wrong pair of shoes can ruin your whole outfit. For example, do not wear a slipper or slide with light blue jeans. Instead, choose suede, sneakers, converse, or boots.

Select The Accessories: Pairing accessories with your outfit can change your vibe. I suggest wearing metal rings, chains, shades, or even beanies to help mold your outlook.

How Do Men Wear Light Jeans?

Light jeans are not for formal looks but casual and day-to-day meetups. Hence, you should try a funky or edgy outfit instead of rooting for a formal getup. Here are some ideas on how you can wear light jeans,


  • Solid Black Crew Neck Tee
  • Light Blue Denim
  • White Leather Low Top Sneakers
  • Watch 
  • Metal Pendant 
  • Canvas Tote Bag 

Out For A Walk, 

  • Crew Neck White Jumper
  • Grey WIndbreaker
  • Light Blue Jeans
  • White Sneakers
  • Baseball Cap


  • White Zip Neck Sweater
  • Puffy Navy Blue Jacket 
  • Light Blue Denim
  • Olive Canvas Low Top Sneakers
  • Shades
  • Beanie 

Out For A Meetup,

  • Striped/Plain Tee
  • Dark Raincoat
  • Light Blue Jeans
  • Socks
  • Athletic Shoes/Loafers

On A Party,

  • White Crew Neck Tee
  • Multicolor Horizontal Stripe Shirt Jacket
  • Light Blue Jeans
  • White Sneakers
  • Black Shades

N.B. There are a hundred more ways to wear light jeans, and still, you will look relevant. Try out new outfits and see what suits your personality.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what to wear with light blue jeans mens. Also, my suggestions will make it easier for you to dress up and catch the look. Yet, I want you to experiment with your style. Only then will you be able to pull off your personality and vibe via your clothes.

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